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Odessa Astronomical Publications




Odessa Astronomical Publications (OAP) is a continuation of magazine "Izvestiya Astronomicheskoy Observatorii" (1947 - 1963) of the Astronomical Observatory of Odessa University. Its publication recommenced in 1992 from a volume 6.


Editor-in-Chief: S. M. Andrievsky

Deputies of Editor-in-Chief: N. I. Koshkin

Executive Secretary: V. V. Kovtyukh

Editorial Board: Andronov I.L., Sci.D. (Odessa, Ukraine); Aslanov S.K., Sci.D. (Odessa, Ukraine); Avdyushev V.A., Sci.D. (Tomsk, Russia); Bagrov A.V., Sci.D. ( Moscow, Russia);

Bazey A.A., Ph.D. (Odessa, Ukraine); Churyumov K.I., Sci.D. (Kyiv, Ukraine); Fokin A.V., Sci.D. (Moscow, Russia); Garbuzov G.A., Ph.D. (Odessa, Ukraine); Karetnikov V.G., Sci.D. (Odessa, Ukraine); Lozitskiy V.G., Sci.D. (Kyiv, Ukraine); Mishenina T.V., Sci.D. (Odessa, Ukraine); Novosyadlyj B.S., Sci.D. (Lviv, Ukraine); Panchuk V.E., Sci.D. (SAO, Russia),

Pavlenko Ya.V., Sci.D. (Kyiv, Ukraine); Pilyugin L.S., Sci.D. (Kyiv, Ukraine); Terebizh V.Yu., Sci.D. (Moscow, Russia); Tsymbal V.V., Ph.D. (Simpheropol, Ukraine); Turner Davd, Sci.D. (Halfax, Canada); Udovichenko S.N., Ph.D. (Odessa, Ukraine); Ulyanov O.M., Sci.D. (Kharkov, Ukraine); Zhuk A.I., Sci.D. (Odessa, Ukraine).

Address: Astronomical Observatory, Marazliyevskaya st., 1 v, Odessa, 65014, Ukraine


Phone: +38 048 7228442


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Archive of volumes: v. 7; v.8; v. 9; v. 10;

v. 11; v. 12; v. 13; v. 14; v. 15; v. 16; v. 17;

v. 18; v. 19; v. 20 (part 1), v.20 (part 2); v. 21; v. 22;

v. 23; v. 24; v. 25 (part 1), v.25 (part 2), v.26 (part 1), v.26 (part 2); v.27 (part 1); v.27 (part 2) ; v.28(part 1); v.28(part 2); v.29